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Head shot of WiCi member at table
Mari Lynn Haugh shares a thought with her group at the WiCi event on developing a project charter.
WiCi members conversing at table
WiCi participants network at the March 2017 event.
Taura Prosek from Business School in front of projector screen.
Taura Prosek from the UW-Madison Business School talks about core networking components.

October 2018 – Process Maps Learning Lab

Date of Event: October 24, 2018

Synopsis: This was an interactive session in which participants brought a process map they had created and had the opportunity to receive feedback, ask questions to solve a particular problem, and discuss their experience with developing the process map.

September 2018 – Process Mapping

Date of Event: September 19, 2018

Synopsis: This event, facilitated by WiCi member Mari Lynn Haugh from Facilities Planning & Management, explored why and how process mapping is used (at UW–Madison), the benefits and challenges of process mapping, different approaches for documenting a process, and how to get started.

July 2018 – From idea to Project

Date of Event: July 11, 2018

Synopsis: This event was a highly interactive session in which participants worked together to identify obstacles that get in the way of moving ideas to projects—or keeping projects moving—and then developed strategies to overcome these obstacles.

WiCi members Geb Lefeber from University Housing and Mari Ann Menager from the Office of Strategic Consulting presented and facilitated the conversation.

Getting a Project Off the Ground
How to Get Your Idea Approved
Barrier Starting or Moving a Project Along
Overcoming Barriers

June 2018 – Idea Generation and Prioritization

Date of Event: June 13, 2018

Synopsis: This was the WiCi community’s first brown-bag style event. Guest speaker Cori Splain from the Office of Student Financial Aid explained the concept and function of an “idea tree” that her office uses to generate ideas for process improvement projects. She explained how use of the idea tree has helped boost staff morale.

Elizabeth Paice, from the Office of Strategic Consulting, then introduced participants to other brainstorming and prioritization techniques. She began by discussing the differences between structured and unstructured brainstorming and then highlighted a few specific techniques including: Brain Writing, 1-2-4-All, and 25/10 Crowd Sourcing (the latter two are part of a group of alternative structures for facilitating meetings and conversations that are known as Liberating Structures). This was followed by a discussion of how to prioritize ideas once they’re generated, including use of an effort/impact matrix, criteria matrix, or affinity grouping.

Presentation (both presenters’ combined)
Brainstorming Agreements 
Liberating Structures 

Fall 2017 – Team Dynamics

Date of Event: December 7, 2017

Synopsis: Guest Speaker Jessica Swenson, from the Office of Talent Management, provided insights on the different stages all teams go through: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.

Participants enjoyed interacting during a brief get-to-know-you activity (to role model the Forming stage), followed by small group discussions and sharing of experiences. There was also time for questions and answers.


Summer 2017 – Optimizing Your Networking Skills

Date of Event: June 22, 2017

Synopsis: This event focused on Optimizing Your Networking Skills and featured a panel of experts who shared their networking tips, tricks, and advice. Panelists included:

– Steve Amundson, American Family Insurance

– Darin Harris, UW-Madison Office of Quality Improvement

– Julie Kovalaske, UW-Madison Office of Human Resources, Learning and Talent Management

– Taura Prosek, UW-Madison School of Business, Evening & Executive MBA Program

Community members stayed after the event to practice what they had learned.


Networking Resources

Networking Tips

33 Networking Tips You Can Easily Read in Under 5 Minutes

Spring 2017 – Developing a Project Charter

Date of Event: March 6, 2017

Synopsis: This event focused on why project charters are important, the risks of not having one, and the key components that comprise a charter. Participants worked in groups on a sample charter exercise that demonstrated the iterative process of developing a project charter.


Critical Charter Elements

Charter Writing Exercise

Fall 2016 – Project Selection Using Lean

Date of Event: October 25, 2016

Synopsis: This event provided a brief overview of three Lean concepts: process mapping, value analysis, and cost analysis. It included case study presentations, skill development activities, and networking opportunities.


Spring 2016 – Introduction to the Community of Practice

Date of Event: May 5, 2016

Synopsis: This was the inaugural event for the WiCi Network to introduce participants to the new community of practice, learn more about participants’ interests in continuous improvement, and begin creating the “community” in community of practice.


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