Guiding Principles

These guiding principles were created by charter members of the WiCi Network prior to communication with potential participants. They are intended to be periodically reviewed and revised as the community of practice matures.

  • Shared discovery and learning: collaborative learning activities where participants share responsibility for the learning that takes place. Rather than relying on traditional “expert-centered” lecture formats, practitioners should include collaborative learning techniques so participants can see their contribution to the learning goals.
  • Real-world applicability: interactions among participants are meaningful, functional, and necessary for the accomplishment of our shared real-world “work.”
  • Operational format: over the first year, as the community of practice  matures, we will leave the operational format open-ended as it’s expected to evolve. At that point, active members will help to refine the format.
  • Open membership: though membership will be open to all, the focus of the community of practice will be on topics directly related to higher education.
  • Inclusive environment: we will recognize and value the expertise of all participants through listening, clarifying, encouraging, being open-minded, and not interrupting. We welcome a diversity of perspectives that will inform the group’s collective learning.
  • Confidentiality: the community of practice is intended to be a “safe zone” in which confidentiality is respected, enabling participants to develop relationships of trust, mutual respect, reciprocity, and commitment. This also enables helping others with challenges in their projects.
  • Commitment to engagement: we commit to actively listen and engage with each other to create a valued investment of everyone’s time.
  • Decision-making: when making important decisions in which not all members are in agreement, the community of practice will default to the “respectful majority” method.
  • Fun! The community of practice will strive to make discussions, activities, and events fun – participants should look forward to them.

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